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We are please to be able to announce that the 2013 National Grid Sailing Challenge will take place between the dates of the 14th and 18th August.  Please note that this event is only open to current National Grid Employees & long term contractors.

The Sailing Challenge is held on an annual basis to provide an opportunity for National Grid employees to experience sailing when they might not otherwise have the opportunity. The event itself is based on team building and networking between the parties taking part and is specifically structured to maximise both of these aspects.

The event is subsidised by the NGSA who in turn receive sponsorship from National Grid. However, there is no direct link between the National Grid and the Sailing Challenge and therefore the event takes place entirely within each employee's own time and at their own risk.

Outline timetable:

14 boats will participate by racing around buoys in a competitive environment. Crews will arrive on Wednesday afternoon when the novices will attend an induction course.  Crews will stay on board the yachts each night and training takes place for all teams on the Thursday with the start of the racing on Friday morning. Each night the boat will be moored up at various harbours around the Solent. There will be sponsored functions on the Thursday (Welcome Event) and Saturday (Fancy Dress) nights and on Wednesday and Friday night, the crews will need to make their own arrangements. There will be a prize giving ceremony on the Sunday afternoon prior to departure for home.

Entry requirements:

You do NOT need to have any previous sailing experience to participate in the event as it has been designed around the inclusion of 4 novices on every boat each year.

The team for each entry needs to consist of:

* A Skipper who is a NGSA Certified Inshore Skipper
* A Mate who is a NGSA Certified Mate
* A further two crew who are NGSA Certified Competent Crew
* The remaining four crew will ideally be novices, however, pre event onshore and offshore inductions and training will be provided prior to the event

(If sufficient novices do not apply then anyone who has completed previous events will be allowed to fill these four positions.)

When applying, please ensure you put the dates into your diary and commit to them, once allocated to a team it is unfair to let them down as it makes very difficult for skippers to provide information, gel a team and organise if teams are constantly changing.

Applying for experienced positions:

If you wish to apply for any of the experienced positions and are not NGSA Certified already, the "Membership/Training" page details the philosophy and specifics of the scheme. Essentially, experienced persons that do not already hold a NGSA Certified Qualification will require a suitably person(s) who are NGSA Certified, to confirm in writing, that they possess the required level of knowledge, experience and competence to one of the Committee Members listed below.


Each crewmember will be required to make a contribution of £125 to the event(a sum of £50 is refundable if there is no damage to boats during the event) to maximise the benefits and the standard of the functions that the event has to offer.

Application form:

If you are interested in participating in this year's event please complete an application form that can be found via this link and return your completed form to the NGSA mailbox at the following address in an e-mail entitled "NGSC13 Application" by the 31st May 2013. ngsa.ngsa@uk.ngrid.com

Please be aware that any replies that are not complete or change the format of the form may be discarded. Once all replies have been received, we will confirm whether or not you have been selected to participate as soon as possible. Once allocated to a team the skipper will be responsible for all communications with you and you should contact them for any query in the first instance.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the following members of the NGSA:

Mark Oaten - 7 474 5203 (Event Organiser)

Steve Sudlow - 7 474 6786

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